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Environmental/Green Policy

Ty Newydd Holidays is aware that the tourism industry does have an environmental impact. We are a family run business which means we live and are bring up our family in the Brecon Beacons and earning a living from our small holiday enterprise. We have complied with all the legal requirements to ensure the safety of our guests. We have also developed the properties according to all the planning and environmental requirements set by the Brecon Beacons National Parks Planning Authority. We would like to reassure our visitors that where they are staying hasn’t been taken from the local housing market and they have been designed and approved with short term stays in mind.

We are committed to ensure Ty Newydd only has a minimum impact on the natural environment and that the local community and area benefit positively from its visitors. We are committed to continuing to improve our environmental policy.


We have rebuilt and done all the renovations ourselves at Ty Newydd, reusing and keeping as much of the existing building as possible. Where possible in the barns and house we have insulated and we have carefully considered the Energy sources and efficiency based on the units size, location and use. We continue to access new technology and additions to our site.


We monitor and manage our consumption of energy. We are continually looking to reduce the consumption of energy and to reduce our contribution to emissions of gases and other pollutants which are believed to contribute to climate change.

The heating in our B&B is run on a biomass boiler using sustainable wood pellets as fuel and is helped by the hot water solar panels we installed. The heating in the cottages are thermostatically controlled using both underfloor heating and radiators.

We have solar panels to generate electricity on one of our outbuildings to help support the running of two of our cottages and help reduce the energy consumption of our laundry. We also use it to charge our electric car for supply runs.

The modern self catering cottages have high spec insulation and we have installed double glazing and roof insulation in all our properties. All our lighting has been selected carefully with mostly energy saving light bulbs.


Fortunately we are lucky to have lots of rain in Wales, so we very rarely use a hose for our plants. The accommodation has optional low flushing toilet settings and water saving shower heads where possible. Our dishwasher and washing machines are energy and water efficient.


We do as much recycling as possible and we request that our guests separate their waste. We recycle all paper, card, glass, plastic, metal, and food waste. We work to reduce the volume of waste within the site wherever possible, by: reducing consumption, repairing, re-using and recycling all materials used within the site both in daily operations and in construction and other projects.


We often use local suppliers and will seek to undertake sustainable procurement that complies with EC regulatory and UK Government policy. We buy from many local food producers for our breakfasts so as to reduce its carbon foot print and it just tastes better!


During the building and planning process the applicable wildlife and animal surveys were conducted on site. We have built and installed bird boxes on the converted barns to replace any homes and favourite perching areas. Over the years we have planted a number of additional hedges.

Our Visitors

We encourage our guests to cherish our environment so that it can be appreciated by future generations. We will seek to raise awareness amongst our visitors of the impact that tourism can have and what they can do to reduce their impact. We provide lots of local information so they can get the most out of their holiday and the local community and economy are also supported.

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